Alumni Update: Christian Ghilardi (IDHA 34)

Cristian Ghilardi (IDHA 34) is a Programme Management Coordinator for CARE International UK and has focused recently on CARE’s EMPHASIS (Enhancing Mobile Populations’ Access to HIV and AIDS Services, Information and Support) project in South Asia which aims to reduce HIV&AIDS vulnerability among cross-border migrants from Bangladesh to India and Nepal to India; and to influence national and regional policies relating to safe mobility. A key component of the project is to focus on women’s empowerment along the continuum of mobility. As this 5-year initiative comes to a close, CARE International and the Overseas Development Institute organized the International Conference, “Women, Migration and Development: Investing in the Future,” to share learning from CARE’s EMPHASIS project and other CARE International initiatives worldwide. This conference, which took place last week (July 17th & 18th) in Waterloo, London, brought together policy makers, donors, practitioners, private sector, government and UN agencies to focus on issues, challenges and opportunities around migration. The conference highlighted the need to acknowledge migration as a key factor for sustainable development and the need to better protect the human rights of migrants. It also focused on the particular vulnerabilities faced by women migrant workers and encouraged advocacy for specific policy responses and practical solutions that can be scaled up and replicated, based on CARE’s experience in the EMPHASIS project in South Asia and other programmes.

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