Alumni Update: Andy McElroy (IDHA 16)

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) recently published an article written by Andy McElroy (IDHA 16) entitled “Experience Saves Fisherman From Wrath of Haiyan” In the article, McElroy profiles a seventy-year-old Filipino man named Ely, who survived the terror of Typhoon Haiyan thanks to his knowledge and experience. The article is part of a series aimed at showcasing impressive older people around the world who are living proof that the wisdom and expertise of the elderly should never be underestimated. McElroy also published “IPU Hears Call to Support Women in DRR” which highlights how promoting and mobilizing women’s leadership and gender equality in building resilience is critical to the sustainability and progress of risk reduction priorities and sustainable development goals. The 130th IPU Assembly in March adopted a landmark resolution, “Towards risk-resilient development” recognizing the importance of disaster risk reduction to the work of parliamentarians worldwide.

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