Alumni Update: Rahul Singh (IDHA 40, MIHA)

Rahul Singh (IDHA 40, MIHA) is Director of GlobalMedic, a disaster relief organization based out of Canada. GlobalMedic is running numerous relief operations around the world in response to: Iraq’s IDP crisis (watch a video of the project here), Cyclone Hudhud in India, the Kashmir Floods, the Ebola Crisis, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (watch their efforts to provide shelter here). GlobalMedic is also currently mapping out areas in Dolores and Oras in the Philippines at the request of UNOCHA and local government officials using an innovative Canadian made technology which will help to facilitate the efficient flow of aid by highlighting landslides, blocked roads, flooded areas, etc. Soon the mission will switch to gather comprehensive assessment data of damaged shelters. All of this information is being shared with local government, UNOCHA and responding agencies. Other members from GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team are distributing water purification tablets, hygiene kits, and undertaking rapid needs assessments.

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