Alumni Update: Patricia Cole (IDHA 37)


Patricia Cole (IDHA 37) recently moderated a panel entitled “Human Trafficking & Corporate Responsibility from the Business, Government, and Non-Profit Perspectives.” This event, part of Fordham University’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership’s Coffee, Conversation, & Connecting Series and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Anti Human Trafficking Series, emphasized that human trafficking is not only a social justice and human rights issue but also a corporate social responsibility issue.

Through presentations given by David Arkless (President, International CDI), Rosalee Keech (Board Member and UN Observer for the League of Women Voters of the U.S.), Debra Brown Steinberg (Founder VS.: Confronting Modern Slavery), and John Temple (Attorney-in-Charge, Human Trafficking Program, NY County District Attorney’s Office), the panel encouraged good businesses to adopt and expand internal standards that will identify, prevent, and eliminate human trafficking. Important strategies include adopting sound compliance, educating management and staff, notifying partners and suppliers and supporting effective legislation. It is the hope of the organizers that the panel will also continue to foster cross-sector partnership and commitment of government, business, and nonprofits to end human trafficking. Patricia is the Founder and Anti Human Trafficking Program Director of the “What Business Can Do to Fight Human Trafficking” Series at the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, a Representative of the RSHM NGO, and Coalition Member of the UN Committee Stop Trafficking in Persons. To learn more, and to get involved, please contact Patricia (

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