Migrant Diaries: Insights from the border of Mexico and Guatemala

June 16, 2017 – “Our group wasn’t carrying much: a cross, a banner, and a bunch of palms and flowers that were being sold in the market to mark Palm Sunday. The point of crossing was to make a symbolic start on the Guatemalan side. And that’s what we did,” recalls Dr. Lynne Jones of her recent field mission to the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

Dr. Jones has worked as a child psychiatrist with migrants around the world. She recounts the narrative those who impacted her on a recent visit to Chiapas, Mexico on the FrançoisXavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University (FXB) blog. Read more here.

Our fall course, Mental Health in Complex Emergencies, will delve into issues of psycho-social support for people affected by humanitarian crises under the direction of Dr. Lynne Jones this fall in Amman, Jordan.

You can read more from Dr. Jones in her new book Outside The Asylum: A Memoir of War, Disaster and Humanitarian Psychiatry.

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