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Humanitarian Innovation Corner: April 2016

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The last few weeks were marked by the entry into force of the first strategic partnership with the Global Innovation Exchange, the presentation of a research on drones and mine action in a conference in occasion of the International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, and the Keynote Talk introducing HTH and IIHA in a series organized by the World Food Programme (WFP) HQ in Rome. Both events, although very different in nature, announce exciting opportunities for development and represent just a first step in what will be a long, shared process. Also, HTH and its technical partner, I2M Factory – Digital Agency are proud to announce the opening of the Labs to the public for the first time since the launch of HTH. To test the platform, we will be accepting a limited amount of registered users willing to support us facilitating innovators worldwide in creating new humanitarian technology. With IIHA being the key partner in the initiative, IIHA Alumni and Faculty will be granted a red-tape access to the public beta testing. Don’t be shy, we’re opening on the 26th of April!

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High Tech Humanitarians Update!

IIHA and HTH were confirmed among the participants to the dynamic conference Exhibit Session in the HumTech 2016 that will take place in Cambridge (Boston) on 7-9 June. More news soon!

HTH met with Buckminster Fuller Institute, an institution dedicated to facilitating convergence across the disciplines of art, science, design and technology, to plan the upcoming partnership between the two organizations. BFI is also inviting friends of HTH and IIHA to apply to its 2016 Fuller Challenge, that will award $100,000 to a visionary solution or strategy that addresses one of humanity’s most pressing problems. View the 2016 Call for Proposals! Deadline is April 1st!

HTH was invited to intervene in the Drones in Humanitarian Action: Mapping Drones Consultation two-days workshop in Geneva, organized by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), ECHO, and CartONG. As result, HTH presented its initiative and contribution to the UAV Travel, Laws, & Regulations Open Wiki created by UAViators and FSD.

The Global Innovation Exchange is joining forces with HTH to expand each others resource section, to improve inter-communicability between the two platforms and planning to step up their cooperation once the HTH Labs will be operational.

View our Featured Humanitarian Open Tool! Wondering what an Open Tool is? Find out here!

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