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IIHA Executive Director Looks Ahead toHumanitarian Issues in 2016

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Brendan Cahill

Brendan Cahill (IDHA 9, IIHA Executive Director) recently provided insight on the Escalating Humanitarian Crises for Fordham’s 2016: Which Way are We Headed?

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Ebola Update

The fight against Ebola in West Africa has continued, with some promising and some not so promising results. Liberia, one of the countries worst affected by the disease, has set a national goal of no new cases by December 25th, signaling that authorities believe that they are getting ahead of the virus. Mali and Sierra Leone, however, tell a different story. Mali has confirmed their eighth case of Ebola, despite ardent efforts to trace the contacts of infected persons. 271 people in Mali are still being monitored.
The United Nations’ goal of containing the virus by December 1st isnot likely to be met due in part to the escalating numbers of cases in Sierra Leone. While that target will be achieved in some areas, the reality for Sierra Leone is much different. A number of burial workers in Sierra Leone have gone on strike in protest of non-payment, leaving 15 bodies abandoned at the city’s main hospital.
In America Dr. Martin Salia, who had been working as a surgeon in Sierra Leone, has passed away in an Omaha hospital. Health officials say that Dr. Salia had been in treatment for two days, but had been sick for almost two weeks. Italy is treating their first Ebola patient, a Sicilian doctor, who arrived in Rome after contracting the disease in Sierra Leone.
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