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Alumni Reunion: Dr. Durgavasini Devanath (IDHA 31) and Leo Pattiasina (IDHA 35)

blog-picIDHA alumni Dr. Durgavasini Devanath (IDHA 31) of the IFRC Asia Pacific Regional Office and Leo Pattiasina (IDHA 35) of Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) recently met as their organizations joined together to organize and facilitate a Community Based Psychosocial Support Training in Penang, Malaysia.



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IIHA Prepares for Spring 2015 Courses

In preparation for the IIHA’s upcoming courses in Geneva, Barcelona, and the UK, IIHA Program Officer Kasia Laskowski (IDHA 40, MIHA) visited various humanitarian organizations and agencies in Europe over the past few weeks. During the course of her tour, Kasia caught up with several IIHA Alumni and Faculty including Luvini Ranasinghe (IDHA 35, CPMER 3, HNTC 9), Pamela Lupton-Bowers (IDHA Facilitator)Rachel Morgan Agelou (IDHA 28, CivMil 1), Chris Staines (IDHA Lecturer, CPMER 2), Jean-François Goulay (IDHA Lecturer), Hannele Haggman (IDHA Lecturer), Tessa Kelly (IDHA Lecturer), Mariann Hafredal (IDHA 40), David Gal (IDHA 34, MIHA), Bela Szilagyi (IDHA 22, IDHA Lecturer, HNTC 4), and Daniela Traldi (IDHA 40). As the new year approaches, we hope to keep in touch with and see more of you throughout our travels! Find out where we will be.

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