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IIHA Spring Event Series: April Round-Up Part 1

This semester, the IIHA is organizing a series of events that focus on the very timely topic of Challenges & Opportunities: Global Migration in the 21st Century.” With approximately 60 million people either forcibly displaced from their homes or migrating by choice, the current migration crisis presents a multi-faceted, global challenge. The IIHA is promoting events focused on migration as well as hosting a series of events offering different perspectives on the crisis.

Below is a summary of the events that were promoted and hosted by the IIHA in first part of April 2016. Check back at the end of the month for “IIHA Spring Event Series: April Round-Up Part 2” for more event summaries.

  • April 5, 2016 | Documentary screening: Refugee Kids: One Small School takes on the World
    Hosted by: Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs

2016-04-05 18.59.46Refugee Kids: One Small School takes on the World is a short documentary that follows students at a New York City summer program organized by the International Rescue Committee for children seeking asylum from the world’s most volatile conflicts. The film presents an intimate, emotionally gripping account of the students’ stories of escaping war and conflict and resettling in America, chronicling their triumphs and setbacks as their lives unfold over the course of one formative summer. Refugee Kids humanizes complex geopolitics and depict the challenges and urgency of immigration to America in an increasingly dangerous – and interconnected – world.

The film screening was followed by a Q&A session hosted by the film’s directors, Renee Silverman and Peter Miller. The directors spoke about their decision to use the children’s illustrations as a medium through which they were able to communicate the difficult realities of their stories. In particular, the illustrations provided a glimpse through the eyes of children, while preserving the dignity and humanity of each child.

  • April 8-10, 2016 | Association of Pratical Theology Biennial Conference

Hosted by: Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education – Fordham University

The Association of Practical Theology at Fordham University hosted its 33rd biennial conference; the theme of the conference was “Live, Move, and Have Being: Migration and Pracitical Theology.” The conference addressed how “the life-altering dislocations and relocations of many kinds of migration move our world today” and “how might practical theology engage migration so as to foster the ability to ‘live, move, and have being’ (Acts 17:28)?” The conference program consisted of tours of the United Nation, research sessions, and even included a session at a tattoo parlor in the Bronx.

unnamedIn 2016 the International Forum traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden. The theme for the conference was “Change. Save. Sustain. In Partnership with Patients”. The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is one of the world’s largest gatherings of healthcare professionals committed to improving patient care and their safety.

IIHA Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow, Alexander Van Tulleken, M.D. spoke on the keynote panel on Tuesday, April 13. The panel, entitled “Providing Best Healthcare During the European Refugee Crisis – Mobilising Health and Care Support Services” focused on sharing learning on delivering health services to the most vulnerable across the migration route. An analysis of the pan-European experience of access to healthcare for migrants and the challenges of meeting the needs of refugees and migrants arriving in Sweden was presented.

Watch the video of Dr. Van Tulleken’s panel on the International Forum’s website.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.00.57 PM

With the Syrian conflict now in its fifth year, millions of people continue to be displaced. This film is the story of what happens next. By following two refugee families in transition and an aid worker fighting to keep the camp running, viewers will experience what it is like to live in Zaatari, the second largest refugee camp in the world. With no end in sight for the conflict or this refugee crisis, everyone must decide if they can rebuild their lives in a place that was never meant to be permanent.

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